The Art of the Moment Is Captured on Film

Look back on happy times with help from a photographer in Westbrook, ME

There's nothing like looking back at an old photo and reliving those priceless moments. Since smartphones have cameras built-in, it's easier than ever to capture a moment. But only a professional photographer can give you the perfect shot every time.

Matt Congdon Photography offers high-quality photography services for personal and professional clients in the Westbrook, ME area.

Whether you need professional photos for your portfolio or a photographer for your wedding, you can count on Matt to get your shots. Book your appointment today.


Based out of Portland Maine, Matt Congdon Photography is an Event, Real Estate, and Studio photographer who delivers not only professional photos but an experience that you and your guests will remember, book your session today

Pose for the camera at our photography studio

Get the perfect lighting and correct angles at our photography studio. Booking studio time for your personal photoshoot makes for gorgeous photos because:

You'll receive one-on-one direction

Your photos will look professional

You won't have to worry about outside distractions

In addition to event and portrait photography, Matt also offers concert photography services. This is perfect for artists needing dynamic shots of their shows and band. Promote your music and look great while you do it.

Book your session at our photography studio in Westbrook, ME today.